One-on-one sessions
for the creatives ready for ACTION

What if you didn't have to go through your creative journey alone?

What if you could receive support to clarify what matters to you, what projects you want to take on and how to make them happen now?

Enter Mastermind: live, online, one-on-one sessions about your creative path to go from having ideas to acting on them now.


Working on passion projects sounds amazing but the reality can be tough.

Whether you want to make a film, run a blog, build an online course or simply decide what project to pursue next, it can feel overwhelming to make all the calls alone.

Finding the time, knowing what step to prioritize, when to tweak, pivot or abandon an idea, or how to stay focused and motivated are some of the many challenges we face for each project we want to launch.

Giving life to ideas when you're your own boss can feel lonely.

And when too many ideas pile up on your to-do list while you get little to nothing done, being creative feels more like a curse than a blessing.



If you feel paralyzed by too many ideas and thirsty for more action, I am going to give you the solution to your problem right here and now: find one person who will care about your growth and will accompany you on your creative journey.

Whether for one month, one project, or a lifetime. 

The solution to your trouble is to have a creative support system.

You need someone who listens to you, challenges "the stories" you locked yourself into, asks you to deliver and cares enough to show up and support your growth.

We are all familiar with the cliché that creatives are often depressed procrastinators.

While I don't believe this to be a fatality, creating is a lonely journey. That's why finding your crew, your pack, your team, and your allies is a vital and healthy step toward achieving your goals.

But it also much harder than anyone would like to concede. 

It is still taboo to admit that we have no-one, that we feel alone, or that we need a hand for a portion of our journey.

If you feel isolated, know that:

a) you are not alone

b) you don't have "a problem"

c) there is a solution

The solution is to have a support system. Athletes have coaches, doctors, trainers, to help them reach their potential.

Creatives are expected to do it alone or to get lucky and stumble upon the right people with the right skills. 

I believe we all need and deserve to have a creative support system. And if you weren't born in one, or if you can't build one, then you might as well join one


A Mastermind session is a moment in time where you stop to look at the big picture, decide which light to follow and how to actually get there. 

Mastermind sessions are about the long-game. 

Being creative is not a temporary job: it's a lifestyle, it's a mindset and it's a superpower that is very much needed right now. Mastermind sessions are high-end tools in your creative toolkit to lead a fully expressed and healthy creative live. 

A mastermind session is a one-on-one 60 minutes call during which we assess what projects you have and where you are at in general. We clarify which project(s) to pursue and define the next practical steps to complete to reach your destination. Those might change over time, and it is fine.

Creating is a flowing experience. Between the idea and the result, there is a journey and nobody knows what obstacles and surprises lie ahead. 

Most of the time we know what we want and what we should do, but somehow we can't get from point A to point B.

The Mastermind sessions offer you time and space to strategize action so you can get out of your head and start doing what you need to do. 

A Mastermind Session is not a therapy. It's a call to action. It's your opportunity to ACT upon your ideas, to LEARN from doing so and to GROW personally and professionally.

It might not take you where you thought you were heading, but it will take you where you have to go. 


Mastermind Sessions are for you if:

- you're tired of hearing yourself saying "This year I am going to make a short, finish my screenplay, start a blog, open a newsletter!" and not doing it. 

- you believe that a support system will make you go from idea to action. 

- you're ready to invest seriously in yourself 


Mastermind Sessions are here to give outer structure to your inner creativity. But only you can do the work. 


In other words, Mastermind Sessions are NOT for you if you're looking:

- to brainstorm ideas

- for a creative partner

- for an easy way out


Booking a Mastermind Session is the first step to being an ACTIVE CREATIVE.


You can either chose to book a single session or to join the Mastermind Program. 


Mastermind Session

The Mastermind Session is one live online session of 60 minutes with me.

After you've booked your session, you will receive a questionnaire so you can start the process of sharing what is going on in your mind and I can understand where you're coming from and what you want to accomplish. 

Once the Mastermind Session is over, I will email you a recap of what we've talked about from goals to steps so you can start taking action.

The Mastermind Session is for you if you're looking for a warm-up before starting your creative race and want an external eye to help you figure out what to take and what to leave behind to reach the finishing line.


The Mastermind Program

The Mastermind Program includes 4 live online sessions of 60 minutes scheduled between 3 to 4 months with me.

The Mastermind Program is for you if you are looking for a support system over several months to:

- start a new project and introduce effective habits to ensure its success

- complete a small size project from A to Z 

- finish a pending project that has fallen into limbo

Just like for the Mastermind Session, you will fill up a questionnaire before our first session. 

Each session during the Mastermind Program will be followed with an email recap containing the goals, steps, and strategy we've talked about.

We will schedule each following session based on your progress and journey. 


To run a Mastermind Session you will need:

- access to a good Internet connection

- earplugs

- a webcam

Make sure you can have access to those three elements before booking a session otherwise you won't be able to fully benefit from the session.


Mastermind Sessions can be conducted in either English or French. English is the default language but if you'd rather have them in French, all you have to do is let me know!


If you have any question about the Mastermind Program email me at



One live online session of 60 minutes.

The Mastermind Session is for you if you're looking for a warm-up before starting your creative race and want an external eye to help you figure out what to take and what to leave behind to reach the finishing line.

Price: 120€



Four live online sessions of 60 minutes over the course of 3 to 4 months.

The Mastermind Program is for you if you need a support system over several months to:

- start a new project and introduce effective habits to ensure its success

- complete a small size project from A to Z 

- finish a pending project that has fallen into limbo

Price: 450€



My name is Nathalie Sejean. I am an Audio & Visual Storyteller, which means I MAKE stories every day. I write screenplays, I draw, I direct films, I edit videos, I create graphic novels, I have a podcast, I write lyrics for bands...

But not only that.

I also have a blog for storytellers and filmmakers where I have published over 800 articles so far, and I send a newsletter to over 10,000 people each Sunday. 

But not only that.

I also offer programs for creatives to ACT because that's my thing.

When I don't create, I empower people to get out of their funk and act upon their creative desire.

I do it because I believe the world will be a better place when each one of us will be connected to their unique creative voice and able to share it back with the world. 

I've been running Masterminds for the last three years with a variety of people from filmmakers to entrepreneurs, writers, artists or graphic designers, and it's my thing and my why

I empower people to activate their creativity through doing.

I've been living a creative life for the last decade. (Meaning as a career and lifestyle) After the first three years, I went through a burnout and came back healed and determined to never hurt my creativity again, do whatever it takes to nurture it, and help as many people as possible to connect with their own creative voice and USE it. 

I will not help you get rich. Or if I do, it will only be because I supported you while you were creating something that resonated with many. Money is not the goal here. 

But I can help you feel alive expressing who you are now through your creativity. That makes for a rich life and that, to me is, all that matters. If it matters to you too, then I would love nothing more than to be your Mastermind partner.